Tree Service & Tree Cabling

Tree cabling is an important way of preserving trees by ensuring that they remain firmly anchored in their position. As the name implies, tree cabling is a process that involves using cables to stabilize large trees that are growing in a way that is considered unsustainable if no intervention is made. 

Cabling is required in a number of scenarios. For example, a large tree may be having a split trunk, which makes the tree prone to being torn apart in case of occurrences such as storms. Another scenario is where a large tree is located near a house or any other building. Cabling is needed to protect the tree from falling unexpectedly and causing harm to property and life. Cabling may also be done to protect the health of a tree.


For example, if a tree has a hole occasioned by a limb that came off, the hole creates a weak area that makes the tree susceptible in case of strong winds or a storm. Also, trees that have large branches or those that are located near infrastructures such as driveways and roads need to be secured using cables to minimize their risk of falling and causing damage. 

In order for tree cabling to be effective, the job has to be done by people who are skilled in the management of trees. That is to say that if you would like to secure a tree by cabling it, you need to hire a tree service provider that has competent technicians.


If you are in Edmond, OK or any nearby area such as Yukon or Norman, you can make use of the services that XTreem Tree Service & Removal, LLC provides. We are a tree service provider that is committed to helping our clients manage their trees by offering the required expertise. We have well-trained employees and modern equipment to meet our clients’ needs satisfactorily. 

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